The pleasure of sailing the waters of Ibiza in wintertime

The best time to navigate the calm waters of Ibiza aboard a catamaran and discover the stunning beaches of the coast without tourists.

Far away from that hectic tourism days of sun, beaches and parties that we find during the summer, in the winter months Ibiza becomes a calm and serene island.  The perfect time for those who are looking to enjoy a holiday of total relaxation.  And a very charming time for sailing lovers.  Also the best time to navigate the calm waters of Ibiza aboard a catamaran and discover the stunning beaches of the coast without tourists.

We all know, we cannot deny that, that in the summer months the weather is much more suitable for sailing and bathing in its crystalline waters, but each time of the year has its pros and cons.  And today we tell you the advantages of making a boat trip during the winter months.

Best rates

The winter season is low season for sailing in the Mediterranean, so it is usual to find lower rates for catamaran rentals, as well as for accommodation reservations or for the purchase of plane or boat tickets to get to Ibiza.

Increased ship availability

 Since it is low season and there are many fewer tourists on the island, you will have no problem finding availability when you plan to make your catamaran getaway.

The tranquility of the sea

 The reduced number of boats sailing through the waters of Ibiza during the winter months, makes you breathe peace, calm and tranquility, a lot of tranquility.  In addition, we can anchor in the beaches that we want, which is sometimes complicated in the months of high season due to the overbooking of boats in the most touristic spots of the island.

Buceando en Ibiza y Formentera con Goa Catamaran

Beaches just for you

 If the beaches of Ibiza are already breathtaking itself at any time of the year, in winter they are a splendid paradise.  From the catamaran you can enjoy the best views offered by the coves at this time of year.  For photography lovers, in addition, it is the ideal time to take photos and that nothing and no one appears in them.

Spectacular sunsets

The famous sunsets of Ibiza are a spectacle and in winter they are even more intense and beautiful since sometimes in late summer the sun is covered with fog.

Cala Salada Ibiza

What should we consider when sailing in winter?

  1. First things first, security is very important so being informed of the weather forecast is a must in order to avoid sailing if there is a warning of bad sea or big storms.
  2. Wear the right clothes for this time of year. The key points are the head, hands and feet, so it is very important to wear gloves, hat and appropriate footwear.  The most advisable thing is to dress with 3 layers.  A first inner layer, a polar or thermal lining and a last layer that protects us from wind and moisture.
  3. Drink hot drinks (coffee, infusions, broths …) that will help us to regulate the temperature of our body.

Thanks to the mild winter we have in Ibiza with an average temperature of 15 degrees between the months of November and April, it is possible to navigate throughout the year.

Do you dare to a winter getaway on a catamaran?

If you have any questions ask our team.

You can read more about useful tips for renting a catamaran.

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