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7 reasons why customers chose GOA Catamaran to spend their holidays on one of our catamarans for charter with skipper

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7 reasons why customers choose GOA Catamaran

We have selected the 7 main reasons why customers choose our company to spend a day or a week on one of our catamarans with skipper with their friends and family to celebrate an event or an anniversary, enjoy the islands of Ibiza and Formentera from the sea, reach coves only accessible from the sea or simply isolate themselves from the world for a few hours or a few days with all the comforts that these luxury catamarans offer today to their passengers.

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1ª – Our catamarans and their equipment

The range of the 9 models of catamarans that we currently offer, all of them fully equipped with every luxury detail to make catamaran excursions and week charters a unique experience, was positively valued by our clients. These boats are designed to offer the same comforts that a flat or hotel can give us with the freedom to move around the sea and decide whether to be isolated from the masses or to get closer to the beaches and coves of Ibiza to enjoy the many restaurants and beach clubs of the islands. Those clients who are not used to the movement of the sea appreciate the large dimensions of these boats and their design because they offer an enormous stability that other types of recreational craft such as sailing boats or outboards lack.

2ª – Personalized service when booking

When you call GOA you are talking directly to the owners and staff of the company, without intermediaries. This has been very much appreciated by clients and has given them confidence. Our back office staff communicates in up to 4 languages and on the website you can see all of us who are part of this company. At GOA Catamaran we believe in transparency and we encourage it.

3ª – Flexibility in contracting and booking

GOA offers week charter and day charter that we call experiences because we believe that they are really much more than just a boat trip. Customers could book for days, weeks or even half days as is the case of the Sunset Ibiza experience which offers the possibility to enjoy the wonderful sunsets of Ibiza from the seafront

4ª – Competitive price

Even in the months of July and August when the prices of any service in Ibiza and Formentera skyrocket due to the demand, GOA Catamaran maintains year after year a reasonable price, an excellent balance between quality/price compared to other companies and wholesalers in the sector. This relationship has been fundamental in the choice of GOA for the majority of our clients.

5ª – A variety of catamaran routes

Over the last few years we have been selecting those catamaran routes that have attracted the attention of our customers and now we offer up to 5 catamaran routes that our skippers know perfectly. From being able to go around the island of Formentera, touring the south of Ibiza or discovering the island of Ibiza sailing northwards, stopping off in the most inhospitable and unknown coves. If you want to enjoy these 5 experiences we summarize them in this POST: 5 catamaran excursions around Ibiza and Formentera.

6ª – Human quality of skippers

Most of all GOA Catamaran customer reviews on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor give special mention to the skipper. Our catamarans are configured for layouts from 8 PAX to 11 PAX plus skipper. The good atmosphere generated by our skippers and their knowledge of the islands and sailing experience are essential for the full enjoyment of these experiences.

7ª – Options and customisation of each booking

Owning our boats, that means being shipowners, allows us to personalise each boat trip and adapt to the needs of our clients. No two groups of clients are the same. We can prepare the boat to take children on board with maximum safety, offer Wifi access for those who cannot disconnect for work reasons, purchase and stock drinks and food as required or simply pick up our clients from Ibiza airport.

At the request of our clients we have organised flyboar shows or hired a chef on board together with a hostess service. With GOA it is also possible to enjoy the incredible restaurants of the island tasting their dishes on board, because you don’t always feel like cooking. We have created the Formentera Restaurant Guide [2022] and the Ibiza Restaurant Guide [2022 UPDATED] where you can find the telephone number and the frequency of the radio station of each restaurant to place orders and have them delivered on board the catamaran.

In GOA we have been sailing for more than 10 years in Ibiza and Formentera.

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