All you need to know about boat rentals in Ibiza and Formentera

Renting a boat in Ibiza is a unique experience due to its climate, crystal clear waters and inaccessible beaches.

From GOA Catamaran we want to help you solve those doubts that always arise when organizing a trip to the sea or that farewell party with your friends.

About catamarans and power boats

Which boat is the best option to rent with GOA, catamaran or power boat?

They are two different concepts: the catamaran is spacious, you can enjoy sailing while in a powerboat or motorboat you get fast where you want and is very agile.

In GOA we say that catamarans and powerboats trips are two different experiences.



What type of boat does one less catamaran or motorboat get seasick on?

The catamaran is more stable with two skates and reduces dizziness.

How many people can go on a GOA catamaran?

In a catamaran can go 11 people plus the skipper.

Can we rent a catamaran in Ibiza or Formentera with GOA Catamaran all year round?

Yes, you can. We have a mooring in the noble part of the Club de San Antonio all year round.

Is there mobile coverage on the catamaran routes organised by GOA?

Except in some very specific places mobile coverage is good for Ibiza and Formentera with all operators.

What GOA excursions or routes assure me 100% mobile coverage and internet access?

All our routes to Formentera and the routes from San Antonio guarantee mobile coverage and internet access.

About preparing for the trip

12 things to take on my catamaran trip around Ibiza

  • Sun protection
  • Caps
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Guide-books about the places you want to visit
  • Small daily use kit with aspirins and balsams for jellyfish, etc.
  • Nautical footwear (white sole)
  • Passenger documentation
  • Title of the pattern
  • Some warm clothes or rain
  • Flashlights
  • Music
  • Towels

Where can I check the weather forecast?

Weather Forecast

You can check weather forecast of Ibiza and Formentera inside our web. We have embebed up to 5 diferent sources in order to check current temperature, humidity, wind speed and weather forecast.

See all the information in:   Weather forecast

GOA Catamaran forecast sources

  • Storm Radar
  • Awesome weather

Can I bring my own food and/or drink aboard GOA boats?

Our fleet has cabins, kitchen and complete kitchenware, “you will feel at home“.

Do I need insurance to rent a boat with GOA Catamaran?

Goa Catamaran has all the insurance for you to enjoy your vacation with total peace of mind

Can GOA organise the provisioning of food and drink on board the ship?

Goa can buy for you before and during your holidays food and drink on the boat, we will take your order to the beach where you are.

Is it allowed to visit all the beaches and coves of Ibiza and Formentera or are there areas reserved for being a natural park?

You can visit all the coves, however the anchorage is restricted in some of them due to the protection of the Posidonia.

Best way is to check the protection areas map on the Conseil Balear website.

Could we rent our own diving equipment to take on board GOA boats?

Our boats have space to store this equipment. If you have the qualification to practice scuba diving you can do so and enjoy the crystal clear water of Ibiza and Formentera.

Can I fish on GOA boat trips?

You must have a fishing licence, be familiar with the relevant legislation and respect the areas set aside for this purpose.

Can we travel with a pet on board a GOA boat?

Yes, you can. Pets are welcome at GOA.

Is there a legal minimum age to travel on a catamaran? Can children go and from what age?

Children of any age are welcome to GOA boats. We have vests and protection systems such as nets to ensure greater safety on board for the youngest.

About booking & payment

How can I pay the booking?

GOA Catamaran accepts payments by VISA/Master Card, bank transfer and Pay Pal.
To these means of payment must be added the payment in cash in our offices.

Payments for reservations can be made directly from the website with full guarantee and security: Pay a deposit online

What happens if I want to cancel a booking?

Booking cancellation options are listed in our cancellation policy document: Terms and conditions

Can I rent a catamaran for more than a day but less than a week?

Yes, you can. Call us or write us by e-mail or by whatsapp and we’ll see how many days and dates you want to rent one of our boats: Contact with Isabel Fiesta

Is the cost of fuel included in 1 day excursions and 1 week charter?

The fuel is included in day charter packs without an overnight stay on the catamarans and in our one day experiences.
For bookings of more than one day on the catamarans or motorboats the fuel consumed will be charged at the end of the charter.

Is it better to book directly with GOA or through a travel agency?

We have our own fleet, we are shipowners, you can contact us directly or through an operator, any way you want.

Can I rent a catamaran or a motor boat without a skipper?

In order to maintain an optimal state of our boats we do not rent without a skipper.
This way we make sure that everything is in perfect conditions and with the maximum security for the navigation.

What extras do I have to pay in addition to the boat rental?

In the day charters packs all extras are included.
Charters of more than one day, mandatory extras are Skipper and Comfort, both must be added.
From GOA we also offer you options to improve your holiday experience, check our website for all extras like Wifi, Cheff Groumet experience onboard, Live music on board, etc.