The secret beaches of Ibiza

Discover the most spectacular coves of Ibiza

Ibiza has many beaches and coves distributed throughout the island. Many of them are virgin and all of them preserve the natural touch that makes them unique. There are plenty of sandy beaches among pine trees, and all of them can be reached more or less by boat.

Some of them have all sorts of services and entertainment, including front line hotels. But others are hidden and finding them is a challenge and an adventure. In general, to the north there are many beaches between cliffs, and to the south it is possible to find longer sandbanks, such as Es Cavallet, next to the southernmost point. The following are some of the most beautiful, located to the west and south of Ibiza, where the waters are even more turquoise and clean.

Cove Salada and Saladeta

Without a doubt one of the best beaches in Ibiza to approach with a charter boat is Cala Salada, to the west of the island. It lies between pines and the waters are a beautiful turquoise.

Thanks to its little space of golden sand, the Salada cove is never full of people, although many private boat owners decide to anchor in its waters. For this reason and because of its surroundings, surrounded by rocks and pines, it is one of the best beaches in Ibiza. Its shallow and completely transparent waters give the sensation of being in a swimming pool with light waves. In addition, if you want a little more privacy, you can walk to its neighboring cove Saladeta. Although some decide to go through the rocks, there is a simpler and safer way upstairs. This small cove doesn’t have much room to put the towel on the sand, but many make their own “natural chairs” on the rocks and take the opportunity to jump into the water from them as well. Be careful when jumping, we want you to come back to Ibiza again and again safe and sound!


Cove d’Hort

Cala d’Hort is an obligatory stop when visiting the islet of Es Vedrà. If you have opted for boat hire in Ibiza, we recommend that you visit this beach to have a unique visit of this rock. In addition, the water here is beautiful and transparent, and the sand is fine and pleasant. Many locals and visitors agree that Cala d’Hort is one of the best coves in Ibiza. Situated in the heart of the nature reserve, this beach boasts the best views of the islets of Es Vedrá and Es Vedranell. The beach is not very large (it is about 150 metres long) and is often visited by families on weekends, but it is still a quiet place to enjoy the turquoise sea that surrounds Ibiza. The typically Mediterranean landscape also accompanies it, with pines and low vegetation until the sand. Cala Bassa is surrounded by a dense pine forest ideal for those who prefer to take shelter in its cool shade. This beautiful natural landscape is compatible with the numerous restaurants and services that can be enjoyed in the area. It is very beautiful and stands out for its calm and crystalline waters of little depth. This cove of Ibiza transmits a lot of calm due to its amplitude and more open space than other coves and beaches in Ibiza.

Ibiza’s caves, snorquel and paddle surf

Cala Conta

Cala Conta is one of the most visited coves in Ibiza. We at Goa Catamaranes recommend it to you because we love it.It is in the top of the best coves of Ibiza. A marvel located in a somewhat rugged terrain, about 800 meters in length. To enjoy a bath in its crystalline and turquoise waters is a enjoyed one, without a doubt. Not only do we recommend it, but it is usually one of the most recommended coves for tourists to visit when you ask the locals or workers on the island. Cala Conta is actually a set of sandy coves and rocks to the southwest of the island. They are unique because of the multicolored tones of the water, with blues, greens and turquoises. If you have a charter boat in Ibiza, it is advisable to approach the islets off the coast, to enjoy the privacy and beauty of the Ibizan landscape. The Comte cove or Conta cove is one of Ibiza’s most famous beaches in the world. Located 15 minutes by car from San Antonio and with more than 800 meters of fine sand, is one of the most popular and chosen by many families who visit the island. In addition to its easy access, the beach is famous for its calm waters of an incredible turquoise colour, perfect for children to swim in, and the view of some islets that characterise the coast of Ibiza. Cala Comte is ideal for snorkeling and enjoying a beautiful sunset while listening to chill out rhythms from some of the beach bars in the cove. In addition, there is a more hidden area of the beach where nudism is often practiced.

Cove Gració & Gracioneta

One of the smallest coves in Ibiza, and no worse for it. As it is a very narrow cove, the water that enters is crystal clear. The only bad thing is that, due to its narrowness, less use is made of the hours of sunshine, so it is advisable to arrive at a good time if you do not like to be on the beach and in the shade.

These two sisters are always at the top of the lists of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza. Just a 15-minute walk from San Antonio, bathing in the Gració cove will make you feel like you’re in a swimming pool. The turquoise colour of its waters and the shallow depth of the cove make it an ideal place to take a dip with your partner or family. Although it is an intimate beach, as there is no hotel that leads directly to the cove, just a few minutes walk you will reach an even more magical place. Gracioneta cove is smaller than its older sister and is surrounded by rocks and pines that will make you think you are in a natural spa. There is a good chance that these coves will become your favourite Ibiza coves.

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