Sailing holidays on a catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera

Your sailing dream and floating on a boat has never been easier than now

Many times when dreaming of a calm and relaxed holidays we think of the sea, blue, turquoise, transparent waters and pleasant navigation.
Sailing holidays and renting a catamaran offers this experience, which is becoming an alternative to a hotel, house or apartment facing the sea.

It is increasingly easier to choose this type of getaway. Spending a few days of your vacation and sleeping on board a catamaran is literally floating on the sea. The catamaran is like a floating apartment, never better said. Getting up on the first morning sun and taking a dip in those transparent waters is one of the best life pleasures. Sailing holidays on a catamaran is best way to do this.

To navigate you need a navigation license, and if you want to rent a catamaran to make your dreams come true but you do not have the license, you can hire the services of a professional skipper who will help make this experience unbeatable. They have the experience, they are familiar with the boats instruments and equipment, the environment and the best places to take you. They take care of the boat, take you ashore to a beach, cove, restaurant or do any other activity if you wish.

For those who have a navigation license, taking the services of a professional skipper is even a good alternative when sailing in unknown waters and you are not aware of the sea and the wind behaviour in the area, which are the best anchorages and places to be well protected. One can feel safe, calm and without the stress that comes with becoming familiar with the boat’s equipment in such a short time. In addition, the professional skipper is always on board, and if you want to go ashore he is responsible if something happens.

What better sensation than sleeping peacefully in an idyllic cove knowing that the skipper takes care of everything if during the night there is a sudden and unexpected wind gust.

Book now your boat, a week charter or a day charter, and guarantee your holiday when and how you want it.

To spend your dream sailing holidays at sea will always be possible and it has never been easier and simpler than now. Come and enjoy Ibiza aboard a luxury catamaran.