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Ibiza boat route

We hired a catamaran route around Ibiza and this was our experience

One of the things that helps us most to choose our holiday plan is when someone from your environment recommends a destination, a restaurant or a hotel…

That’s why we believe that the best way to tell you about the routes in Ibiza and Formentera that we offer you in GOA, is through our customers. We like them to be the ones who tell in their own words about their experience. For this post we invite Susan, the person in charge of preparing Alison’s birthday party, to write about how the celebration went.

For Alison’s 30th birthday, we rented a day on a catamaran through the coves of Ibiza. A plan with beach, sun, sea and fun is always welcome, but if this is on a private boat in the middle of the Mediterranean, the experience reaches a higher level. 

The journey began in the Port of Sant Antoni from where we set sail for the southern coves of the Island. It was an extremely hot day, luckily the Goa team put us in contact with the port supermarket, who brought us drinks and food to the ship to spend the day.

We started sailing towards Cala Bassa which we reached immediately due to its proximity. It is a beautiful cove, reason why it is very busy during the high season months, so finding a place in the sand is an impossible mission, although we did not have that problem since we jumped from the boat to the water and vice versa. After a few laughs and swimming for a while our appetites opened, it was time for the snacks. The sea was calm and we took the opportunity to record a video and open gifts.

The next stop was Cala Comte, I had been in Ibiza previously and today I wonder how it was possible for me to miss that beauty if it had not been for the organized route I would not yet know that beautiful cove of crystalline blue water and fish everywhere. 

The catamaran had a paddle surf, water sports equipment and Bluetooth speakers so we were enjoying it and dancing to our own music.

The next stop was Cala Codolar, a small cove that goes unnoticed but is charming. Once anchored we ate sandwiches on the stern terrace and after regaining our strength we continued on our way.

The good thing about the organized tour is that the coves were so close to each other, and it took us so little time to get around, that we had a lot of time to swim and have fun, it was like doing 3 days of beach in one.

After all, day enjoying the wonderful natural spots of the Island, we anchored in the Bay of San Antonio just in front of the Café Mambo and the Café del Mar where countless boats congregate in the usual way at dusk to contemplate the landscape. The young atmosphere and the chillout music enveloped us to finish the excursion in the best way seeing the idyllic sunset of Ibiza.

Since we did the catamaran tour of Ibiza with GOA, Alison hasn’t stopped talking about that day. The organization was excellent, the GOA team was great with us, they took care of every last detail and we enjoyed incredible coves and beaches. I recommend everyone who wants to experience Ibiza with their friends, away from the crowds and with all the comforts, to hire one of GOA’s routes.

Pasar el dia en formentera en catamaran

This is an experience of a day trip with friends on one of our catamarans.

Do you also want to spend a different day sailing around Ibiza with your friends?

If you have any questions or want more information about all the day trips we organize in Goa Catamaran, please do not hesitate to call us (Isabel Fiesta) or write to us at info@goacatamaran.com

And if you want to make a different trip, tell us what you want to do and we will design it to your liking.

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