Formentera boat route

That was our experience

This post is very special for us because it is the experience told in first person by one of our clients, after contracting a boat route around Formentera with GOA.

A few days ago, among the emails we received at we saw that Claudia and Luis had written to thank us for their experience with GOA. We immediately replied to them, thanking them and in a third email, Claudia told us that it had been a great trip, that she had already recommended it to her whole group of friends and that she would recommend it to everyone. It was then that we invited Claudia to write a post on our blog telling us in first person how her experience of the 1-day boat trip around Formentera had been. It didn’t take her two days to send us her email. This is what Claudia wrote to us.

First impresions

I rented a catamaran to spend the day in Formentera with my husband for our second honeymoon. Our adventure started in Cala Jondal where the Captain was waiting for us in the dinghy and then took us to the boat. The first impression was exciting, and we knew it would be a unique and unforgettable experience.

The catamaran

«The boat looked like a floating apartment, fully equipped and comfortable. My husband, who had already sailed on a sailboat, was impressed by the stability of the boat, I had my doubts regarding dizziness, but they vanished when the journey began. We had a pleasant trip by the sea, thank you Mediterranean waters for being so understanding with inexperienced tourists.

And there we were with the wind in our faces, the sound of the waves, the views of paradise and us. What more could we ask for? Although the best was yet to come ..»

1ª Stop Espalmador

The first stop was Espalmador, the islet next to Formentera. Wow! White sands and turquoise waters. The sun was already punishing for what we stopped to take a bath and snorkel, what refreshing and transparent waters! Ideal to explore the seabed and the Posidonia, the captain told us that this marine plant is responsible for oxygenating the waters and leaving them crystal clear. Furthermore, it is only found in Mediterranean waters.

2ª Stop Formentera

“The next stop was Formentera, it left us speechless, it has nothing to envy the Caribbean! I can say that it is one of the most incredible places these eyes have seen. Formentera can only be accessed by boat makes it more exclusive. Luckily being on the catamaran, we had our private space to enjoy the sun in the ship’s solarium.

We anchored in Ses Illetes where the Captain recommended us to order food from the El Pirata Restaurant / Beach Bar, they brought us the paella and sangria on board, we did not even have to go down to the restaurant.”

Pasar el dia en formentera en catamaran

3ª Stop Cala Saona and end of excursion around Formentera

«In the afternoon we surround the island and arrive at Cala Saona, which is one of the most recommended coves in the area. There were plenty of boats near the shore with music and a lively atmosphere. We took photos and a cocktail.

It was a super complete day, sailing, enjoying the beaches, sun, sea, relaxation, exquisite food, connecting with nature. We cannot imagine a better way to discover these paradisiacal islands and everything that their surroundings offered us. We look forward to repeating this stay as soon as possible.

Thank you Goa team for bringing us closer to this wonderful experience!»

And this is a one-day excursion experience told in first person by Claudia and Luís who made a tour of the beaches and coves of Formentera on board our catamaran.

Do you also want to spend a different day sailing around Formentera?

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