Day charter boat

From New York to Ibiza
I am in New York, in my office located on the 26th floor with the best views of Manhattan under my feet… and I can only think of the last day charter boat of the summer.

Every year I go to Ibiza to feel the magic of the island and all the enjoyment that gushes out in every magical corner. Undoubtedly my best moment is when it’s time for the day charter boat with GOA…

After years sailing with you I keep discovering the other side of my favorite coves and cliffs, the best sunsets and the wonderful pleasure of being hungry and that a dingui comes to pick us up to take us to eat at the best restaurants.

My preferred and favorite route is to Formentera. The last one was amazing. I traveled with my partner to share the magic of the island and rented a catamaran by surprise, we had a wonderful day. So much so that on the last day of our vacation we booked it again to say goodbye to the island sailing as it deserves.

We are impatient to return this summer, we will certainly repeat.

signed from new york
day charter boat Ibiza couple over the sea