Catamaran sailing with family and children

Sailing with children, a fun experience

Sailing with children should be a fun experience; they should see the boat as an adventure, not as an obligation or a bad time. The best option for sailing with young children is on a catamaran.

The inherent stability of the hull of our big boats makes them much safer. Catamarans also offer plenty of space, so children have many areas where they can spend time while the boat is sailing. The nets between the hulls provide a great spot to enjoy the thrill of the waves with the occasional excitement of getting splashed. Additionally, renting a catamaran is affordable, and you can find boat rental options in many places around the world.

There’s no doubt that the destination matters when sailing with children. There are no age restrictions for sailing, and children can enjoy boat holidays from a very young age. However, it’s essential to look for calm waters and easy navigation areas. GOA offers excellent catamaran excursions around the west of the island of Ibiza that guarantee this type of peaceful sailing.

Sailing on a catamaran allows you to anchor in areas with shallow drafts, so the options to enjoy this experience with your family are vast. This type of boat allows you to sail very close to the coast, providing a privileged view of both the coastline and the open sea.

In addition, catamarans are simple navigation boats and, usually, those rented are very well equipped, which will make for a much more pleasant navigation experience.
Plan the route once on board with the skipper. Children should be familiar with the details of the journey, the places they will visit. Apart from piquing their curiosity, they’ll know what to expect during the cruise.
Avoid very long sailing days. Children need to stretch their legs, run, jump… It’s advisable to hop off daily (whenever our route allows it).

Activities at sea

Daily exercise is essential for any child. A catamaran allows you to anchor in calm waters, near the coast, in any cove and take advantage of a few hours to swim, snorkelling, paddle surfing, dancing to the music or simply play with them with an inflatable mattress and floats.

snorkeling in Ibiza

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paddle surfing in Ibiza
paddle surf

swimming in Ibiza
paddle surf

Ensure they know the onboard safety rules. Questions about how to avoid falling, what to do if someone falls overboard, or understanding the location and use of life jackets are crucial for everyone.

Children should be aware of the importance of behaving well on board and their responsibility in ensuring a smooth cruise.

Games and entertainments that can be played on the boat can be organized. Games like “I spy”, riddles, stories… tell them about the tasks done onboard; they are like sponges, eager to learn. They can interact with the skipper, and as maneuvers are explained and put into practice, or when discussing marine life, they’ll listen with enthusiasm.

Sailing isn’t just a fun experience for children but also a significant learning opportunity. They learn about the sea, nature, and even become responsible crews of their boat.

Children should always be supervised by an adult in charge, allowing freedom for the person handling the maneuvers.

Have everything necessary for sailing within reach and ready for use. The younger the children, the more items we need, and nothing should be left for the last minute.

Always use sunscreen with SPF 50, hats, and protect their eyes with suitable sunglasses.

It’s crucial to keep children well-hydrated; offer them water even if they don’t ask for it. Some sweet or savory snacks will help keep their stomachs full and prevent seasickness, while also passing the time; if they associate sailing with “eating treats”, for instance, they’ll approach each day as a celebration.

These tips are a summary of our long experience in GOA sailing with families and groups of friends with children. It is an excellent and unforgettable way to spend a different kind of holiday at sea, sailing around Ibiza and Formentera.

Sailing with children is always a grand adventure; enjoy it.

Wherever you go with your children, they’ll love it.

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