Discover Paradise of Formentera Onboard

Daniel and Friends' Unforgettable Catamaran Experience from Ibiza to Formentera

Welcome aboard Daniel and friends’ adventure, where the sun shines, the waters are crystal clear, and the fun knows no bounds! At Goa Catamaran, we take pride in sharing the unforgettable experience they had renting a catamaran for a day from Ibiza to explore the wonders of Formentera. A catamaran rental to Formentera experience.

Sailing towards the Magic of Formentera

Dream Destinations: Illetes and Cala Saona.

From the moment they set sail from Ibiza, Daniel and his friends embarked on a day full of discoveries. The first stop: the famous Illetes beaches. White sand, crystal-clear waters, and a relaxed atmosphere set the perfect stage to immerse themselves in the beauty of Formentera.

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The journey continued to Cala Saona, a picturesque cove that captivated Daniel and his friends with its natural charm. They enjoyed moments of tranquility and explored the crystal-clear waters surrounding this Mediterranean gem. The water was so transparent that you could see every last detail of the seabed, fish, sand and the algae that filters the water of Ibiza and Formentera, the posidonea.

Seaside Gastronomy: El Beso.

After exploring the beaches, Daniel and his friends headed to El Beso, a seaside restaurant that combines fresh flavors with stunning views. The gourmet food perfectly complemented the experience, offering a feast for the senses and recharging energy for the next stage of the adventure.

Immersed in Crystal-Clear Waters.

 Our catamaran anchored in crystal-clear waters provided the perfect opportunity for Daniel and his friends to plunge into the turquoise blue. With snorkeling equipment on board, they explored the rich marine life inhabiting the waters of Formentera, creating memories to cherish forever.

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Features of Our All-Inclusive Excursion

  • Expert Captain and Crew: Our team ensures safe and comfortable navigation.
  • Water Equipment: Discover the underwater world with our snorkeling and paddleboarding gear.
  • Gourmet Food: Enjoy delicious onboard meals with options for every taste.

Daniel’s Testimonial: “It was an incredible day! From the dreamy beaches to the delicious food, every moment was perfect. GOA Catamaran made our experience unforgettable.”